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PET FRIENDLY provides a complete pet information service for all pet owners throughout Australia. There are 30 categories listed below with information including pet friendly accommodation venues, where you can find boarding kennels and catteries, pet shops, where you can buy pet food, toys and clothes for your pet, where you will find grooming and washing services, where you can find vets if your pet is unwell.

There are even categories to inform you where pet friendly dining venues are located, or where you can organize pet parties, or pet funerals when your beloved treasure passes away. There is a category on horse riding and everything associated with horses, as well as dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, birds, rabbits, mice, farm animals and more.

There are 4 categories that are FREE for advertisers to pass on information to the public and these are:- Pet Clubs and Associations, Pet Rescue, Pet Friendly Parks and Beaches, and Pet Events. The aim of this site is to provide answers to all of your pet related queries-so welcome to Pet Friendly.
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